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A Child This Day Is Born

1. A Child this day is born,
A Child of high renown;
Most worthy of a sceptre,
A sceptre and a crown.

Glad tidings to all men,
Glad tidings sing we may,
Because the King of Kings,
Was born on Christmas Day

2. These tidings shepherds heard
While watching o'er their fold;
Twas by an Angel unto them
That night revealed and told. [Chorus]

3. To whom the Angel spoke,
Saying, "Be not afraid;"
Be glad, poor silly shepherds --
Why are you so dismayed? [Chorus]

4. "For lo! I bring you tidings
Of gladness and of mirth,
Which cometh to all people by
This holy Infant's birth" [Chorus]

5. Then was there with the Angel
An host incontinent
Of heavenly bright soldiers,
All from the highest sent.3 [Chorus]

6. They praised the Lord our God,
And our celestial King:
All glory be in Paradise,
This heavenly host do sing. [Chorus]

7. And as the Angel told them,
So to them did appear;
They found the young Child, Jesus Christ
With Mary, his mother dear: [Chorus]

8. All glory be to God,
That sitteth still on high
With praises and with triumph great,
And joyful melody. [Chorus]

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