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All Hosts, Above, Beneath

1. All hosts, above, beneath,
Sing the Incarnate Lord.
With instruments and pious breath
Attune each measured word.

2. This is the hallow'd morn,
When on our fallen race
In full effulgence rose the dawn
Of new-born joy and grace.

3. Glory to God on high
On this renowned night.
Was thundered forth in harmony
By Angel legions bright.

4. Amazing splendours shone --
A strange unwonted sight --
Upon the shepherds biding lone
Under the veil of might.

5. Sudden, while peacefully
Then watched their shepfolds still,
Good tidings wafted from on high
Their ears attentive fill.

6. Who was before all time
Is born of purest Maid;
Glory to God in heights sublime,
Peace comes the world to aid.

7. E'en thus the Choir on high
Sing praises jubilant,
From pole to pole their voices fly,
Heaven echoes to their chant.

8. Let all with thrilling voice
Give back the glorious lay,
Let the wide universe rejoice,
That God is born this day.

9. Burst are the iron chains
Which held the world in thrall;
The cruel foe no longer reigns,
Peace is restored to all.

10. For lo! an order new
Doth the glad world adorn;
Let all things render praises due
Unto the Virgin-Born.

11. He all upholds alone,
He all alone did frame;
May He Who hath such pity shone
Blot out our sin and shame.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com