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All You That In This House Be Here

1. All you that in this house be here,
Remember Christ that for us died,
And spend away with modest cheer
In loving sort this Christmas tide.

2. And, whereas plenty God hath sent,
Give frankly to your friends in love:
The bounteous mind is freely bend,
And never will a niggard prove.

3. Our table spread within the hall,
I know a banquet is at hand,
And friendly sort to welcome all
That will unto their tacklings stand.

4. The maids are bonny girls, I see,
Who have provided much good cheer,
Which, at my dame's commandment, be
Now set upon the table here.

5. For I have here two knives in store,
To lend to him that wanteth one;
Commend my wits, good lads, therefore,
That come now hither having none.

6. For, if I should, no Christmas pie
Would fall, I doubt, unto my share;
Wherefore, I will my manhood try,
To fight a battle if I dare.

7. For pasty-crust, like castle walls,
Stands braving me unto my face;
I am not well until it falls,
And I made captain of the place.

8. The prunes, so lovely, look on me,
I cannot choose but venture on:
The pie-meat spiced brave I see,
The which I must not let alone.

9. Then, butler, fill me forth some beer,
My song hath made me somewhat dry;
And so again to this good cheer,
I'll quickly fall courageously.

10. And for my master I will pray,
With all that of his household are,
Both old and young, that long we may
Of God's good blessings have a share.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com