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An Infant Lay Within A Shed

1. An Infant lay within a shed,
Where ox and ass were tied and fed;
Hard by there stood a Maiden mild,
Saint Mary, mother to the Child.

My God, my Lord Jesus,
'Tis He was cradled thus.

2. With voices sweet in awe to Him
There sung a Quire of Seraphim,
"Praise, worship, glory," loud they cry,
"To God whose kingdom fills the sky." [Refrain]

3. The herds, when they thereof heard say,
Anon with gladness went their way
To Bethlem; when they found Him there,
That noble Child, full fain they were. [Refrain]

4. A bright star at the self-same tide
Was by the three good kings espied:
Afar from Eastern land they fare;
A goodly present each doth bear. [Refrain]

5. Before yon Babe, of high degree,
They kneel and pray on bended knee.
Presenting gifts in reverence,
Of gold, and myrrh, and frankincense. [Refrain]

6. Then Herod King, in mood unmild,
Assayed to slay the royal Child:
Fell many a babe at his command,
But Christ was safe in Egypt-land. [Refrain]

7. When thirty years were fully past
This Infant, He was cross'd at last,
Was dead, and buried tomb within,
That man eternal life might win. [Refrain]

8. But, on the third day, nothing else,
He rose again, as Gospel tells:
Ascended to His Father-land,
There sitteth He at God's right hand. [Refrain]

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