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Baloo, Lammy 2

1. Out of heaven I come to tell
The best news that ere befell;
To ye such tidings true I bring,
And of them I will say and sing.

2. This day to you is born a child
Of Mary Virgin, meek and mild;
That blessed child, gracious and kind,
Shall you rejoice both heart and mind.

3. Ye shall him find sans mark or ring,
Full simple in a cribb lying;
So lieth he who us hath wrought
And all the world made out of nought.

4. O God, that made all creature,-
How art thou become so poor,
On the hay and the straw to lie
Among the asses, oxen, and kye.

5. Were the world ten times as wide,
Clad over with gold and stones of pride,
Unworthy still it were of thee-
Under thy feet a stool to be.

6. The silk and sandell, thee to ease,
Are hay and simple swathing-claes,
Wherein thou gloriest, greatest King,
As thou in Heaven satt'st in thy ring.

7. O my dear Heart, young Jesus sweet,
Prepare thy cradle in my spirit,
And I shall rock thee in my heart
And never more from thee depart.

8. But I shall praise thee evermore
With sweet songs unto thy gloire;
The knees of my heart I shall bow,
And sing that right Balulalow.

9. Glory be to God eternally,
Who gave his only son for me!
The angels are gladdened when they hear
The gracious gift of this new Year.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com