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Bethlehem Juda, 'Twas There On A Morn

1. Bethlehem Juda, 'twas there on a morn
That Christ, in the days of King Herod, was born:
When from the East country, o'er fell, frith and fen,
There came to Hierusalem certain Wise Men.

2. Saying, "We pray you, sirs, tell us the place,
Wherein he is born, who is King of your race.
For from the East Country we, led by his Star,
Be come for to worship him, e'en from afar."

3. When of their journey King Herod heard tell,
Himself, and all Salem, was troubled as well;
Then, calling his book-men, with ink, pen and horn,
Enquired of his clergy where Christ should be born.

4. Answer they made him, 'As we understand,
In Bethlehem, city of Jewerie land:
For thus it is written, and plainly foretold,
By Micah the prophet in ages of old.

4. " O Little Bethlem, thou art not behind
The prices of Juda, the chief of their kind;
For-why out of thee shall a Monarch proceed,
The which shall my people of Israel lead."

6. Then called Herod the pilgrims to hear,
In secret, the time when the Star did appear.
And sent them to Bethlehem, saying, "Go seek
With purpose, the Infant of whom ye do speak.

7. "When ye have found him, report me the news,
That I too may worship this King of the Jews."
The Magi, on hearing King Herod so say,
Soon saddled and bridled, and gat them away.

8. Then to sou'west-ward the wonderful Star,
The which they had eyed in the East from afar,
Went ever before them until that it stay'd
Right over that house where Babe Jesu was laid.

9. Seeing the Star again, heart, soul and voice,
With mighty great joy did the Wise Men rejoice:
Then ent'red they in, and beheld the young Child
Together with Mary his mother so mild.

10. Falling with reverence low on the knee,
They worship the Infant, of highest degree;
And open their coffers; a present of myrrh,
With gold, and frankincense (the gum of the fir).

11. Then, being warned of God, in a dream
Concerning King Herod, his malice and scheme,
These Easterling Sages withouten delay
Depart to their country by other-some way.

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