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From Heaven High I Come To You 2

Part 1: The Angel's Message

1. "From Heaven high I come to you,
To bring you tidings good and new [or true].
Good tidings of great joy I bring,
Thereof will I both say and sing: [or Yet He brings joy and peace to all.]

2. "For you a little child is born
Of God's own chosen maid, this morn:
A fair and tender baby bright,
To be your joy and your delight.

3. "Lo, he is Christ, the Lord indeed,
Our God, to guide you in your need:
And he will be your Saviour, strong
To cleanse you from all sin and wrong."

Part 2: Our Response

4. Now let us all right merry be,
And, with the shepherds, go to see
God's own dear Son, within the stall;
His gift, bestowed upon us all.

5. Mark well, my heart; look well, mine eyes
Who is it in the manger lies:
What child is this, so young and fair?
It is my Jesus lieth there.

6. Ah, dearest Jesus, be my guest:
Soft be the bed where thou wilt rest,
A little shrine within my heart,
That thou and I may never part.

[This verse may be sung after Part 1 or Part 2]

7. Praise God above on his high throne,
Who giveth us his only Son.
The angel hosts rejoice in bliss
To chant a glad New Year like this.

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