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Him I Have So Long Desired

1. Him I have so long desired, Jesus' self at length I hold,
Him I clasp my soul required, and in close embrace enfold;
Be ye glad, my soul and spirit, lift ye up your voice and sing,
And with praise that fits Him merit, greet the coming of the King.

2. Sad was I and weary-hearted, nought had I to bring me cheer,
Far from my Beloved parted, far from Him I count most dear;
But He stooped unto the lowly dwelling of my grieving soul:
And, when came the Lord most Holy, I was glad and I was whole.

3. Not the sun such brightness poureth on the earth in darkness laid,
Not the rain-cloud so restoreth flowerets that in summer fade,
As the Lord the soul sustaineth when it faint and languid grows,
And new vigour, as it waneth, of His graciousness bestows.

4. Bright the day, and bright the hour, when Thou, Jesu, drawest near,
Full the time of light and power when Thou hastest to me here;
He who holds Thee, all possessing, every need hath so obtained,
For the fount of trust blessing, winning Thee, his soul hath gained.

5. Who would not be lost in wonder at Thy goodness, O my King,
Would he but Thy doings ponder, in deep thought considering?
I seek Thee, and Thou me seekest, and Thou grantest, in Thy grace,
And Thy loving kindness meekest, me to share in Thine embrace.

6. I was not, and Thou hast made me, out of darkness and of nought,
And Thou hast in love arrayed me with the godlike gift of thought;
For my sake Thou condescendedst in a manger to be born,
And Thy life in pain Thou endedst on the bitter Cross of scorn.

7. To the gifts wherewith Thou greetest me in bounty day by day,
Thou hast added dainties sweetest, newer graces to display,
Thou, my heart's most precious treasure, Jesus, my one sole delight,
Reign Thou in me at Thy pleasure, Son of God, and reign in might.

8. Smite my self-love down before Thee, and so slay it in my heart,
That I may in love adore Thee, Thee Who only worthy art;
Take from me all that offendeth, all that grieves Thine eyes most pure,
That in life which never endeth I may dwell in Thee secure.

9. Rest with me when dawns the morning; rest with me at eventide,
Loving Jesu, think no scorning with Thy servant to abide;
Let not life or death e'er sever me from Thee, my Lord, I pray,
Let our union hold for ever, broken by no force for aye.

10. I will sing my glad thanksgiving while I breathe this earthly ir,
In the land of all the living, thousand fold repeat it there,
Where at last the veil is rended, and I see Thee as Thou art;
And to Angel choirs ascended, love Thee with a perfect heart.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com