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It Was A Young Mother

1. It was a young Mother
In alb with apparels,
Was singing of Carols,
One after another.
It was a young Mother,
It was a young Mother.

2. Her name it was Mary,
And sweet was her tune, Sir,
As rosebud in June, Sir,
Or mel from the prairie.
Her name it was Mary,
Her name it was Mary.

3. In Bethlehem city
With steven sonorous
Glad angels in [Chorus]
Bear part in her ditty.
In Bethlehem city,
In Bethlehem city.

4. From mountain and valley,
The scene of their labour,
With pipe and with tabour
Good shepherdmen sally.
From mountains and valley,
From mountains and valley.

5. "The cream of our dairy,
The pick of our honey,
For love, and not money,
Take thou, Son of Mary."
The cream of our dairy,
The cream of our dairy.

6. King Herod of Jewry,
Why slily bewray him?
Why seek for to slay him
In fear and in fury?
King Herod of Jewry,
King Herod of Jewry.

7. With gift, as the Mages
Of Saba, who bless him,
Thou shouldest confess him
The Monarch of ages.
With gift, as the Mages,
With gift, as the Mages.

8. Though men do ignore him,
With ass the ox knoweth
His owner, and loweth
In homage afore him.
Though men do ignore him,
Though men do ignore him.

9. Saint Joseph too prayeth,
(His good father foster)
And oft Paternoster
With Ave he sayeth.
Saint Joseph too prayeth,
Saint Joseph too prayeth.

10. Behold a Star shineth
To show to the stranger
Where God in the manger
Incarnate reclineth.
Behold a Star shineth,
Behold a Star shineth.

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