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Lullay, My Child, And Weep No More

1. "Lullay, my child, and weep no more,
Sleep and be now still;
The King of bliss thy Father is,
As it was His will."

2. This endernight I saw a sight,
A maid a cradle keep,
And ever she sang and said among,
"Lullay, my child and sleep."

3. "I may not sleep, but I may weep,
I am wo woebegone;
Sleep I would, but I am cold,
And clothes I have none."

4. Methought I heard, the Child answered,
And to His mother He said,
"My mother, what do I here?
In crib why am I laid?

5. "I was born and laid beforn,
Beastes, both ox and ass;
My mother mild, I am thy child,
But He my father was.

6. "Adam's gilt this man had spilt,
That sin grieveth me sore;
Man, for thee here shall I be
Thirty winter and more.

7. "Dole it is to see, here shall I be
Hanged upon the Rood,
By bailiffs beaten, my wounds a-sweating,
And give my flesh for good.

8. "Here shall I be hanged on a tree,
And die as it is skill;
That I have bought, less will I nought;
It is my Father's will.

9. "A spear so sharp shall pierce my heart,
For deeds that I have done.
Father of grace, whether Thou hast
Forgotten Thy little son?

10. "Without pity here shall aby,
And make my flesh all blue.
Adam, ywis, this death it is,
For thee and many mo."

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