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Mary Moder Come And Se

GaudeamĒ sunge we, I hoc sacro toe (?)
Peur nobis natus en ex Maria virgine

Mary moder come and se
Thy sone is nayled on a tre
Hande and fote he may not go
His body is wrapped all in wo

Upon a tre nayled he is
To brynge vs all to heuen blyss
For Adam that dyde ainysse
For an aple that was so fre

From his heed vnto his too
His skynne is torne and flesshe also
His body is bothe wanne and blo
And nayled he is on a tre

Thy louely sone that thou hast borne
Is crowned with a crowne of thorne
To saue mankynde that was but lorne
And brynge man but to his liberte

Whan Johan this tale began to tell
Mary wolde no lenger dwell
But went amonge the Jewes fell
Where she myght her sone se

My swete sone that arte me dere
Why hangest thou on rode here
Thy hede is wrythen all in a brere
Louely sone what may this be.

Moder to Johan I the betake
Johan kepe this woman for my sake
On rode I am emendes to make
For synfull man as ye may se.

This game of loue I must play
For mannes soule it is no nay
There is no man that goth by the way
But on my body he may haue pyte

This payne ye men haue me wrought
For synfull soules I haue it bought
Of all this smerte yet rewe I nought
If man wolde be kynde to me.

My blode coleth my fleshe doth fall
I am athryst after drynke I call
They gyue me eysyll menged with gall
A wors drinke may there be none.

Fader my soule to the I betake.
My body dyeth for mannes sake
To hell I must withouten make
Mankynde for to make fre

God that deyed for vs all
Borne of a mayde in an oxe stall
Graunt vs his realme celestyall
Amen, amen, for charyte.

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