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My Hert Is Set To Syng

Psallemus cantantes
Domino noua cantica dantes
Cum canore iubilo
Et tibi discipulo
Oui ex priuilegio
Preceteris a domino

Dilectus es
Amice christi Johannes

My hert is set to syng
That all this worlde shall ryng
Reioyfull be and glad withall
Of the hygh memoryall
Whome it pleased Chryst to call
Of his grace especyall
To his hyghnes
Amice. etc.

Syttyng at his berde
He shewed the a preuy touche
A touche of famylyaryte
On his brest he suffred the
In thy slepe secretes to se
Of his gloryous deite
For heuynes
Amice. etc.

In his tender aege
He chose the to his pay
His paramour of loue entyer
Not for ye yu was of his blode so nere
But that next his moder dere
In chastyte thou had no pere
And stedfastnes
Amice christi Johannes.

Whan he sholde departe
He bade the kepe the care
The carefullest creature
His mother, ye she myght be sure
Whyle that her lyfe sholde endure
One mayde to haue another in cure
For thy clennes
Amice christi. etc.

So at his desyre
Thou kept her fro the myschefe
The myscheuous retenu
Of them that slewe thy lorde Jesu
That no fyers nor cruell iewe
In one wyse sholde her persewe
Or her oppres
Amice. etc.

But at his dyscesse
She fell into the gre
The greatest heuynes and we
That ony creature myght do
In ly we wyse thy self also
I knowe not the deadlyer of them two
In that dystres
Amice christi Johannes.

I meruayle not y wys
Though thou hast cause to cry
Pyteously to mourne and playne
To se thy naturall cosyn slayne
His mother hygh destraught for payn
That made thy hert to ryue in twayn
For neuynes
Amice christi Johannes.

Who could be so harde herted
To se how she fared.
How she sobbed whan she dyde wepe
With sorowfull lokes and syghes depe
Thou coude thy self no longer kepe
But sodeynly fell in a deadly slepe
All confortles
Amice christi Johannes.

Now Chrystes cosyn dere
Helpe that I be fre
Be fre and true inherytour
To his celesty all tour
Where thou beholdest in euery hour
The glory of thy fauyour
That neuer shall ceas
Amice. etc.

Fynally I the beseche
To teache me to make a brefe
A brefe and a redy way to amend
In that ye I dyde my lorde offend
That to his grace he wyll me lende
After this present lyfe he me send
Euerlastyng peas
Amice. etc.

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