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Now Found Is The Fairest Of Roses

1. Now found is the Fairest of Roses,
Its beauty 'mong thorns it discloses;
This Rose, seen in Sharon's fair meadow,
Is Jesus 'mong men in death's shadow.

2. Since sin of God's image bereft us,
No glory or merit was left us;
We, strip't of our fairest possessions,
Were dead in our sins and transgressions.

3. But God in His mercy would save us,
A Rose full of fragrance He gave us;
It made of the desert a garden,
By bringing to us life and pardon.

4. Now blossoms the church through its merit
To bring forth the fruit of the Spirit;
For Jesus her growth e'er doth nourish,
In Him she doth live and doth flourish.

5.All mankind now ought to adore Him,
And joyful sing anthems before Him;
But few in their hearts will enthrone Him,
The many, alas, do disown Him.

6. Ye sinners hard-hearted remaining,
Why are ye the Savior disdaining ?
Why are ye so proud in your spirit,
And trust in yourselves and your merit ?

7. Ah, seek ye the places most lowly,
And weep before Jesus, the Holy;
Come down, leave all sin and all malice,
Then find ye the Rose of the valleys.

8. O Jesus, I ever adore Thee,
My Rose, and my Crown, and my Glory,
Thou wholly my heart art possessing,
Thy sweetness is fullness of blessing.

9. My Rose is my godly adorning,
My Rose is my joy night and morning;
The sinful desires it suppresses,
And sweetens my griefs and distresses.

10. The world may of all things bereave me,
Her thorns, they may tear me and grieve me,
And death may all earthly ties sever,
My Rose still is mine - mine forever.

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