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Now Let Us Come Before Him

1. Now let us come before Him,
With songs and prayers adore Him,
Who to our life from heaven
All needed strength hath given

2. The stream of years is flowing,
And we are onward going,
From old to new surviving,
And by His mercy thriving.

3. In woe we often languish,
And pass through times of anguish,
Of wars and trepidation,
Alarming every nation.

4. A faithful mother keepeth
Guard, while her infant sleepeth,
Its fear and grief assuaging,
When angry storms are raging; --

5. Thus God His children shieldeth.
And full protection yieldeth;
When need and woe distress them,
His loving arms caress them.

6. In vain is all our doing;
The labor we're pursuing
In our hands prosper never,
Unless God watches every.

7. Our song to Thee ascendeth,
Whose mercy never endeth;
Our thanks to Thee we render,
Who art our strong Defender.

8. O God of Mercy! hear us;
Our Father! be Thou near us;
'Mid crosses and in sadness
Be Thou our Fount of gladness.

9. To all that bow before Thee,
And for Thy grace implore Thee,
O grant Thy benediction
And patience in affliction.

10. With richest blessings crown us;
In all our ways, Lord! own us;
Give grace, who grace bestowest,
To all, e'en to the lowest.

11. To all forlorn be Father;
Thy erring children gather,
And of the poor and needy
Be Thou the Helper speedy.

12. Grant help to all afflicted;
And to the souls dejected,
By trouble deeply haunted,
May cheerful thoughts be granted.

13. O Lord! assistance lend us,
Thy Holy Spirit send us,
That He may make us glorious,
And lead to Thee victorious.

14. All this Thy hand bestoweth,
Thou Life, whence our life floweth;
To me and all believers
Grand, Lord, these New Year's favors.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com