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Now Let Us Sing With Joy And Mirth

1. Now let us sing with joy and mirth,
In honour of our Lordes birth,
For His lufe and humility,
Who gave Himself for us to die.

2. By Adam we were all forlorn,
But now Christ Jesus till us is born,
Has freed us fra captivity,
And vanquished has our enemy.

3. When He was born nane did Him snib,
To lie richt law intell ane cribe;
Ane ox, ane ass, richt tenderly
Refreshit His humility.

4. His Godheid needeth na support
For it was full of all comfort,
Whilk equil is in all degree,
Unto His Father's majesty.

5. The angels sang with merryness,
Unto the herds, both mair and less,
And bade them of good comfort be,
For Christes new Nativity.

6. For ye were all at Godes horn,
This Babe, to you that now is born,
Sall make you safe, and for you die,
And you restore to liberty.

7. This Babe for you did shed His blude,
And tholit death upon the Rood;
And for His great humanity,
Exaltit is His Majesty.

8. And now He is our advocate,
Praying for us, baith ere and late;
This can the Scripture verify,
Is sa far as ane man is He.

9. Therefore, all tide and time and hour,
Pass unto Him as Mediator
Betwix the Father's wrath and thee,
Of sin if thou would cleansed be.

10. For He has promised with His heart
To all sinners that will revert
And fra their sinful life will flee,
Sall ring with Him eternally.

11. To God the Father must be gloir,
And also to Christ forever more;
The Holy Ghaist must blissit be,
Worker of this Nativity.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com