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O Flos De Jesse Virgula

O Flos de Jesse virgula
Laus Tibi sit gloria.

1. Adam our father was in bliss,
And for an apple of little price,
He lost the bliss of Paradise,
Pro sua superbia.

2. And all that ever of him came
The right way to helle nam,
Both Isaac and Abraham,
Teste prophecia.

3. Then these prophets preached aforn,
That a Child should be born
To buy what Adam had forlorn,
Sua morte propria.

4. Moses first in his law told
A child there should be born so bold
To buy again what Adam sold,
Sua nocte pessima.

5. Isaac, without leasing,
Prophesied in his preaching,
Of Jesse's root a Flower should spring
De virgine purica.

6. Jeremy that was so ying,
Prophesied of His coming,
That is very Lord and King,
Summi Patris gracia.

7. Furthermore, as I you tell,
Then prophesied Daniel
Of His coming he gan spell,
Gentibus in Jud-a.

8. When time came of God Almight,
That would bring mankind to right,
In a maiden He gan light,
Que vocatur Maria.

9. Now is He born, that blissful Child,
Of Mary mother, maiden mild;
Fro the fiend He us shield,
Qui creavit omnia.

10. Pray we to Him with all our mind,
That hath made all mankind,
He bring us alle to good end,
In die novissima.

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