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Of Sayne Steuen Goddes Knyght

To saynt Steuen wyll we pray
To pray for vs both nyght and day

Of sayne Steuen goddes knyght
That preched ye fayth day and nyght
He tolde the Jewes as it was ryght
That Chryst was borne of a may.

The Jewes sayd in grete scorne
That Christ was not of a mayde borne
That sayd Steuen ye are but lorne
And all that beleue in your lay.

Now is spronge the welle of lyfe
Of Mary moder mayde and wyfe
Therfore the Jewes fell at stryfe
And with steuen than dysputed they.


The wycked Jewes at the last
Stones at Steuen they gan cast
His hed and armes they all to brast
And made his body in foule aray.

Steuen that was full mylde of mode
Thought he were all reed in blode
In his prayers styll he stode
And cryeng to good thus he dyde say

Lorde god for thy myghtfull grace
Forgyue the Jewes theyr trespace
And gyue theym grace to se thy face
In the Joye that lasteth aye.

To heuen he loketh soone on hye
To the father and sone truly
And to the holy goost he gan cry
Receyue my soule I the pray.

God receyued his boone anone
Downe came aungeles many one
They toke his soule and to heuen dyd gone
To blyssednesse that lasteth ay.

To that blysse that is so goode
Jheiu that dyed vpon the roode
Graunt vs for his precyous bloode
Our saluacyon at domes day.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com