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The Messiah Was Born In A Poor Shelter

The Messiah was born in a poor shelter,
With an ox and a donkey for warmth.

A baby was born this day in this manner,
To bring scorn and shame to Satan.

For that little thief had already stolen us,
And if he got us he would roast us.

If a child had not come from heaven promptly,
We would have burned for our pride.

It makes us remember the luminous star,
The pretty little cave and the shepherds.

At Mary's feet, When she gave birth, the shepherds and sheep,
Kneeled down with male donkeys and female donkeys .

And even the Three Kings from a far away land,
With their caravan and carriages departed.

As soon as they saw the sky lit up,
They said that the Messiah was born.

But Herod, the naughty scoundrel, was taken with fear,
That the little boy would undo him.

And Saint Joseph received counsel from heaven,
To take the son and run away immediately

These things are already known, but this day
Causes these things to fly to our memory.

And now we have no voice left to sing
But we wish this good audience a Holy Night.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com