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The Son Of God Is Born For All

1. The Son of God is born for all
At Bethlehem in a cattle stall:
He lieth in a crib full small,
And wrapt in swaddling clothes withal.

2. Rejoice to-day for Jesu's sake,
Within your hearts His cradle make:
A shrine, wherein the Babe may take
His rest, in slumber or awake.

3. Beneath Him set His crib, of tree;
Let Hope the little mattress be,
His pillow Faith, full fair to see,
With coverlet of Charity.

4. In bodies pure and undefil'd
Prepare a chamber for the Child:
To Him give incense, myrrh and gold,
Nor raiment, meat and drink withhold.

5. Draw nigh, the Son of God to kiss.
Greet Mary's Child (the Lord He is)
Upon those lovely lips of His:
Jesus, your hearts' desire and bliss.

6. Come rock His cradle cheerily,
As doth His mother, so do ye,
Who nurs'd Him sweetly on her knee,
As told it was by prophecy.

7. By, by, lullay before Him sing;
Go, wind the horn, and pluck the string,
Till all the place with music ring;
And bid one prayer to Christ the King.

8. Thus, Babe, I minister to Thee,
E'en as Thine Angels wait on me:
Thy ruddy countenance I see,
And tiny hands outstretch'd to me.

9. Sleep, in my soul enshrined rest:
Here find Thy cradle neatly drest
Forsake me not, when sore distrest,
Emmanuel, my Brother blest.

10. Now chant we merrily io
With such as play in organo;
And with the singers in choro
Benedicamus Domino.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com