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The Three Kings 3

Now is the time of Christmas come,
Together joined are Father and Son,
And with the Holy Ghost are one,
In fere-a
God send us a new year-a.

1. I would now sing, if that I might,
Of a Child, so fair to sight,
A maiden bare this winter's night,
So still-a;
And as it was his will-a.

2. There came three kings from Galilee,
To Bethlehem, that fair citie,
To see Him that should ever be
By right-a;
Lord, and king, and knight-a.

3. As they went forth with their offering,
They met Herod, that moody king,
He asked them of their coming
That way-a;
And thus to them 'gan say-a:

4. "From whence come ye, you kings three?"
"Out of the East, as you may see,
To seek him that should ever be
By right-a;
Lord, and king, and knight-a:

5. "When you this child have been,
Come you home this way again,
And tell me all that ye have seen,
I pray a;
Go not another way-a."

6. Then of Herod, that moody king,
They took their leave both old and young,
And forth they went with their offering,
By light-a
Of the star that shone so bright-a.

7. Till they came to that blissfull place
Where Jesus and his mother was,
There they offered with great solace
In fere-a;
Gold, incense and myrrh-a.

8. When they had their offering made,
As the Holy Ghost them bade,
Then were they both merry and glad
And light-a;
It was a good fair sight-a.

9. "Anon, as on their way they went,
The Father of heaven an angel sent,
To those three kings that made present,
That day-a
Who thus to them did say-a:

10. "My Lord doth warn you every one,
By king Herod ye go not home,
For if you do, you will be slain
Full soon-a;
And woe to you to be done-a."

11. So forth they went another way,
Through the might of God, his lay
As the angel to them did say,
Full right-a
It was a good fair sight-a.

12. When they were come to their countree,
Merry and glad they were all three,
Of the sight that they did see
By night-a;
By the stars shining light-a.

13. Kneel we now all here adown
To that Lord of great renown,
And pray we in good devotion
For grace-a
In Heaven we have a place-a.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com