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The Word Made Flesh

1. The Word made Flesh, right reverently,
The rising of our Sun, we sing,
Of Mary born with us to be
Emmanuel our God and King.

2. Good news! the book of Life's unsealed,
To men on earth His peace He brings,
Through ages promised, now revealed,
He comes with healing on His wings.

3. Then Bethlehem of Israel,
The noblest city, praise to thee;
Known wheresoe'er the Church shall tell
Of Jesus Christ's Nativity.

4. No courtly hall received the Maid,
The Mother of the Holy Child,
Our King was in a manger laid;
A wondrous star above Him smiled.

5. Who with His hands heaven's curtain spread,
In swaddling clothes doth meekly rest;
Who life on all creation shed
Hangs feebly on a mother's breast.

6. Be present, angel hosts, adore
The world's Creator and your King,
Who comes creation to restore,
And conquered man to victory bring.

7. Now in the Highest round the Throne,
Let "Glory" rise unceasingly,
For men and angels of one home,
Joint citizens are made to be.

8. Come, shepherds, leave your flocks awhile,
With flute and pipe your homage pay
On bended knee -- to reconcile
Mankind with God He comes today.

9. From heaven th'Eternal boweth down,
To greet by infant lips mankind;
And through that Child to raise and crown
The image marred, by Him refined.

10. The new-born God exhorts you flee
The world that wanes and waxes old;
An exile here in poverty
He bids you scorn its proffered gold.

11. If parched and tired on earth's highways,
Ye see salvation's living well,
And for its waters thirst,
He says, Come hither lave, and drink thy fill.

12. When ye with wondering faith adore
The Gentile's King, on Mother's knee;
When hearts with love are flowing o'er,
Prostrate before His Majesty,

13. Then Mary lifts her Holy Child,
With raised hand He makes the sign,
Pardoned we bend, and reconciled,
His peace is ours, peace all Divine.

14. Creator, Thou Who sought'st this place
Of woe, in human form, we pray
Make us to see Thee, face to face,
Enthroned in Thine eternal day. Amen.

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