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This New Christmas Carol

1. This new Christmas Carol
Let us cheerfully sing,
To the honour and glory
Of our Heavenly King,
Who was born of a Virgin,
Blessed Mary by name;
For poor sinners' redemption
To the world here he came.

2. O the mighty Jehova
By the Prophets foretold
That the sweet Babe of Heaven
Mortal eyes should behold:
Both a King, Prince, and Prophet,
Nay our Saviour beside,
Let his name through all ages
Every be glorified.

3. Now when Joseph, and Mary
Was exposed, we find,
Having seen her condition,
He was grieved in mind,
Aye, and thought to dismiss her,
Whom he loved so dear;
But an Angel from Heaven
Did her innocence clear.

4. He declar'd in a vision
That a Son she should have,
By the Father appointed
Fallen mortals to save;
And the same should be called
Blessed Jesus by name:
From the High Court of Heaven
This Ambassador came.

5. Then the righteous man Joseph
Believed the news,
And the sweet Virgin Mary
He did no wise refuse.
Thus the Blest amongst Women
She did bear and bring forth
A sweet Prince of Salvation
Both in Heaven and in Earth.

6. Then the day of her travail
Did begin to draw nigh,
Righteous Joseph and Mary
Immediately hie
To the City of David,
To be taxed indeed
Even as C-sar Augustus
Had firmly decreed.

7. Being come to the City,
Entertainment they crav'd,
But the inns were so fill'd,
They no lodging could have.
For the birth of our Saviour,
Though he was Prince of all,
He could have there no palace
But a poor ox's stall.

8. Now the proud may come hither
And perfectly see
The most excellent pattern
Of humility;
For instead of a cradle,
Deck'd with ornaments gay,
The great King of all Glory
In a manger he lay.

9. As the Shepherds were feeding
Of their flocks in the field,
The sweet birth of our Saviour
Unto them was reveal'd
By blest Angels of Glory,
Who these tidings did bring,
And directed the Shepherds
To their Heavenly King.

10. When the Wise Men discover'd
The bright heavenly Star,
Then with gold and rich spices
Straight they came from far,
In obedience to worship
With a heavenly mind,
Knowing that he was born
For the good of mankind.

11. Let us learn of these Sages,
Who were wise to obey,
Nay we find through all ages
They have honour'd this day
Ever since our Redeemer's
Blest Nativity,
Who was born of a Virgin,
To set poor sinners free.

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Chrismas Carols Lyrics @ All Carols .com