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When Herod In Jerusalem

1. When Herod in Jerusalem
Did reign in princely throne,
Strange tidings then were brought to him
Of a King lately born.

O cruel Herod, hard of heart,
Accursed mayst thou be,
That slewest so many innocents
That never harmed thee.

2. Which news did so his mind torment,
So strange a thing should be,
That then amongst the Jews should reign
A greater King than he. [Chorus]

3. When he did then these tidings prove,
Most wickedly he will'd,
That all males under two years old
Should presently be kill'd. [Chorus]

4. Then did the Lord an Angel send
To Joseph where he lay,
And bid him straight to Egypt go,
And Bear the child away. [Chorus]

5. The men appointed went abroad
All infants blood to spill,
Supposing that amongst the rest
They should Christ Jesus Kill. [Chorus]

6. Now mark the judgments of the Lord
On their ungodly train,
King Herod's son where he was nurs'd
Amongst the rest was slain. [Chorus]

7. Of Herod's bloody reign with sad
And grievous soul I speak,
By whom this day was slain, 'tis said,
Ten thousand children weak. [Chorus]

8. Judah abounds with scarlet wounds
Of sucking babes that died,
The earth was spread with crimson red,
All caused by Herod's pride. [Chorus]

9. For unto him was told, that born
There was a greater King,
Whose matchless power should him soon
Unto subjection bring. [Chorus]

10. Wherefore he sent with full contempt
His armed bands in rage
For to destroy each mother's joy
Under two years of age. [Chorus]

11. The Son of God they straightway sought,
That he might then be slain,
That his destruction might be wrought,
As Herod did ordain. [Chorus]

12. But soon from Heaven was warning given
That Mary should not stay,
But with her child at once exil'd
To Egypt take her way. [Chorus]

13. Let us give praise to God therefore
With modest mirth and glee,
And still this day adore, wherein
Our Saviour was set free. [Chorus]

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