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When Jesus Christ Was Twelve Years Old 2

1. When Jesus Christ was twelve years old,
As Holy Scripture plainly told,
He then disputed brave and bold
Amongst the learned doctors.

Then, praise the Lord, both high and low,
That He his wondrous works may shew,
And we at last to Heaven may go,
Where Christ in glory reigneth.

2. At thirty years he then began
To preach the Gospel unto man,
And all Judea wondered then
To hear his heavenly doctrine. [Chorus]

3. Such works did he as made them must,
Amongst the proud hard-hearted Jews,
Yet evermore they did refuse
To own him for their Saviour. [Chorus]

4. Then first of all, by power divine,
He turned water into wine,
When at the marriage he did dine
Which made all people wonder. [Chorus]

5. Moreover, with five loaves of bread
Five thousand men he fully fed,
Whereby his glory far was spread
Throughout the land of Jury. [Chorus]

6. The widow's son that dead did lie,
When Christ our Saviour did pass by,
He raised to life immediately,
To her great joy and comfort. [Chorus]

7. Likewise, he heal'd the lepers ten,
Whose bodies were fully filthy then,
Yet, not but one return'd again,
His humble thanks to render. [Chorus]

8. The woman that was perplexed sore
With an issue of blood twelve years and more,
Unto her health he did restore,
In the minute of an hour. [Chorus]

9. And more his heavenly might to shew,
Himself upon the sea did go,
There never could a man do so,
But only Christ our Saviour. [Chorus]

10. And yet, for all his works so great,
The Jews were in a fearful heat,
That no persuasion could intreat,
But truly they must kill him. [Chorus]

11. When they bereav'd his life so good,
The moon was turned into blood,
The earth and temple shaking stood,
And graves full wide did open. [Chorus]

12. Then some of them that stood thereby,
With voices loud began to cry,
This was the Son of God truly,
Without any fear or doubting. [Chorus]

13. For, as he said, it proved so plain,
Within three days he rose again,
Although he suffered bitter pain,
Both death and hell he conquer'd. [Chorus]

14. Then afterward ascended he
To Heaven in glorious majesty;
With him God grant us all to be,
For evermore rejoicing. [Chorus]

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